Integra 760 HS: Luxury lounge at the rear

Integra 760 HS: Luxury lounge at the rear

Spacious rear seating group with fireside shelf ● Kitchen like at home ● Fantastically spacious feel ● Bathroom with passageway to the driver’s cab ● Lots of storage in the double floor ● 10-year no-leak guarantee

Eura Mobil is opening up a “modern revival chapter” in the top class to mark its anniversary year. The rear seating group is back. However, the luxurious lounge of today has nothing in common with the original version from the first Integra in 1999, other than its position. Plush, 2-metre sofas with lavish, richly contoured upholstery and comfortable back cushions surround the large, two-pedestal table with folding table top. Eura Mobil can even install a wall shelf with LCD fireplace upon request, to create an atmospheric, sociable mood of an evening.

The adjacent 1.5-metre kitchen is just like at home: plenty of freedom of movement, a refrigerator tower with a 160-litre capacity and first-class fittings are perfectly capable of satisfying even professional demands. The Integra also scores points with its oven, lift for the espresso machine, worktop-mounted hob with fine glass plate and the lowerable stainless steel fittings on the sink. The worktop, made from high-quality mineral material, is mounted at a 90-degree angle to the seating group, so that even after mealtime is over, there’s nothing to interrupt the direct flow of face-to-face conversation.

The fantastic spaciousness is created not least by the unconventional arrangement of the bathroom in the front of the cabin. From the central entrance, it creates an open, over 4-metre-long viewing axis through to the rear. The bathroom with passageway through to the driver’s cab has two sliding doors, creating an additional visibility and warm air lock to the front. A total of three wardrobes round off the comfort features.

The 20-centimetre-high double floor, the Integra’s cellar, offers a familiarly generous amount of space. Multiple in-floor storage compartments and a 1-metre-wide, end-to-end storage space in the rear can accommodate luggage and camping furniture.

All Integra series also meet the requirements of the winter resistance standard EN 1646-1 with the aid of the heated double floor. Eura Mobil’s premium claim is backed up by a ten-year guarantee for leak-proof construction and a three-year guarantee for furniture construction. A modern construction, made of glued GRP composite material with wood-free walls and a robust furniture construction with aluminium profile reinforcements, is the backbone for this.