Integra Line 650 HS: compact and comfortable integrated model with bags of space

Integra Line 650 HS: compact and comfortable integrated model with bags of space

Entry to the 6.5-metre class ● Spacious rear seating group ● Heated double floor with plenty of storage space ● Roomy kitchen with 140-litre refrigerator ● Third and fourth seats in the rear without impacting on the available storage space ● 10-year no-leak guarantee

To celebrate its 60-year anniversary, Eura Mobil is moving into the compact 6.5-metre class with its integrated models. The new Integra Line 650 HS impresses with its spaciousness. Even as soon as you enter it, the IL 650 HS creates a wonderful impression of room with its open viewing axis. The facts confirm it: Two longitudinal benches measuring 2.20 m and 1.43 m are grouped around the 2.17-metre-wide lateral bench in the rear, creating space for a cosy get-together of up to 5 people. Below it is storage space for luggage and camping furniture in the heated double floor. A unique feature for the industry is the belt frame anchoring in aluminium profiles on the inside walls. This ensures that the storage volume below the benches remains fully available, even when a third and fourth seat are installed. Two large storage space flaps give passengers optimum access to their luggage from either side at all times.

In front of the rear seating group is an ergonomically curved kitchen block with ceiling-height, 140-litre-capacity refrigerator on the opposite side. In the centre of the vehicle is a modern, 114-centimetre-long washroom with swivel wash basin and integrated shower cubicle. The extra-wide, lowerable lift-up bed ends on the driver side at an additional half-height wardrobe that features a folding table top.

All Integra Line series also meet the requirements of the winter resistance standard EN 1646-1 with the aid of the heated double floor. Walking barefoot in winter quickly becomes a habit in the Integra Line.

Eura Mobil’s premium claim is backed up by a ten-year guarantee for leak-proof construction and a three-year guarantee for furniture construction. A modern construction, made of glued GRP composite material with wood-free walls and a robust furniture construction with aluminium profile reinforcements, is the backbone for this.