Please note: The prices stated on this website include 19% VAT and apply to vehicles with incoming orders and deliveries by January 01, 2021 and are valid only for Germany.

All information on this webpage are without guarantee. The models illustrated on this webpage show the features available in Germany. They may also contain special equipment options and accessories that are not included with the standard scope of delivery. All weights quoted are values with a fluctuation limit of +/- 5 per cent. Due to legal regulations, differences from the model variations described here and equipment featured may be necessary in certain countries. Please ask your Eura Mobil dealer about the exact scope and range available of model-specific and model-neutral features. Subject to errors and changes in design, equipment and special features.

General information regarding the weight situation in motor homes

  • Special features (additional features) increase the weight in the vehicle’s ready-to-drive state and reduce the cargo capacity. The weight of the additional equipment is detailed in our brochure information or your dealer / seller can tell you.
  • The maximum number of persons permitted depends on the weight and axle load. It can be reduced if special features (= special equipment / additional equipment) and accessories are installed, so in the interests of cargo loading capacity certain seats cannot be used. If all seats are to be used, some cargo capacity may need to be foregone. The technically permissible overall weight and axle loads must not be exceeded.
  • The cargo loading capacity reduces with the installation of special features (= special equipment / additional equipment) and accessories. The cargo loading capacity is also not only dependent on the weight in the vehicle’s ready-todrive state, the actual vehicle weight, the weight of the accessories and the technical permissible overall weight, but also on the respective axle loads. In order to use the maximum possible cargo capacity based on the vehicle’s technology, suitable, axle load-dependent weight distribution is required.
  • Unless otherwise regulated, weight in ready-to-drive state as per article 2 figure 4a) VO(EU) 123072012 is defined as:
    • Vehicle’s dimension with standard equipment according to manufacturer specifications (incl. vehicle tool kit)
    • + fuel tank filled to 90%
    • + 75kg (driver’s weight)
    • + aluminium fluid gas bottle (full volume of 11kg) filled to 90% (equals 18kg in total)
    • + fresh water tank filled to 90% (marked capacity of the fresh water tank is limited to 25 litres of fresh water in ready-to-drive state, where technically feasible*)
    • + fresh water heater filled to 90%
    • = weight in ready-to-drive state

The technically permissible overall weight according to Article 2 (7) VO (EU) 1230/2012 is defined as: the vehicle’s maximum weight when loaded as provided by the manufacturer.

Pursuant to the information provided, the maximum cargo loading capacity is defined as:
technically permissible overall weight – weight in ready-to-drive state = maximum cargo loading capacity

* according to vehicle model and pursuant to appendix V. Part A (2.6 Fn) (h) VO (EU) 1230/2012, marked capacity of the fresh water tank is limited to 20 litres by an overflow valve

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