Integra 760 EB/QB: Two Liners for the Golden Middle

Integra 760 EB/QB: Two Liners for the Golden Middle

Two new luxury class liners with single or central bed layout ● Available as AL-KO two- or three-axle models ● Particularly generous dimensions in the sleeping area ● Two wardrobes ● Extensively equipped ergonomic kitchen ● Seating group for up to five persons


Eura Mobil is positioning two new models, each 7.89 m long, in the middle of the previous Integra range.  With these dimensions, the new models deliberately move above the classic 7.50 m limit of upper mid-range integrators. The resulting spatial advantage is particularly beneficial for sleeping comfort and freedom of movement in the washroom. The alternative design on three axles also takes into account particularly high load requirements of up to 1,700 kg.  With the 760 QB central bed layout, a particularly spacious dressing room with plenty of freedom of movement is created when the connecting door to the front section is closed and the bed frame is subsequently adjusted.  In the 760 EB single bed version, even taller people can stretch out comfortably on the 2m or 1.95m long and 80cm wide beds. Two wardrobes are available in both models.

The kitchen also exceeds the usual requirements:  on the one hand by an ergonomic design with plenty of storage space and, on the other hand, by being luxuriously equipped with an oven, 160 litre refrigerator, lift for the espresso machine, top-mounted hob, mineral working surface and chrome fittings with spring arm.

In the seating group with flat-screen pull-out behind the lengthways sofa, up to five people will find a cosy lounge atmosphere with luxurious, high-quality upholstery. Those who appreciate an extraordinarily spacious room atmosphere and additional storage space will choose the “storage cabinets instead of a lift-up bed” option. Others will instead prefer the comfort of an electrically operated lift-up bed – and will also find it in the Integra.

Add to this the innovations of the new Integra generation presented last season. These include the hallmarks of a luxury liner being combined with a compact superstructure height of just 2.92 m. The reduction in height has been countered with the exclusive design and ambience of the interior. As a result, the new Integra is a completely new development with its own style.

Eura Mobil is shifting its emphasis onto light. In the interests of active safety, the Integra already comes with LED lighting technology as standard in the daytime running light, headlight, daytime driving light, turning light and in the tail lights. The brighter and more even road lighting provides a significant safety bonus when driving at night. In the tail lights, Eura Mobil uses an LED running light with direction display in the indicators. This also improves active safety thanks to the increased visibility to traffic following behind. A twin-eye camera in the rear which, in addition to its classical function as a reversing tool, also serves as a device for monitoring the area behind the vehicle, further enhances the safety equipment.

The lights are also used as a style feature in the vehicle’s overall design. In the front section, the double headlights set in black headlight sockets and combined with the expansive, shiny chrome radiator grille and striking design lines define the Integra’s dynamic look. The ring-shaped indicators are integrated unobtrusively into the round headlights. The powerful character is also accentuated by the turning lights with a black background and the black diffuser in the transition to the base floor. Behind the panoramic windscreen, the upper navigation lights are cleverly incorporated into the surface structure. The tail also sports clean lines: a three-dimensionally curved rear panel with black diffuser element at frame height and a broad chrome bar between the large LED lights are characteristic of the new, premium model’s elaborate design.

A true symphony of light greets anyone who steps into the vehicle’s interior. Flat ceiling lights in the centre of the vehicle and in the ceiling canopies on the wall units brighten the interior with a glorious abundance of functional lighting. The kitchen surfaces and worktop are also illuminated. Even the wall units are indirectly illuminated inside thanks to concealed milling grooves.

The crucial element, however, is the variety of ambient lighting elements. The dimmable ambient lighting encompasses not only the wall unit lights, but also decorative elements such as the glass splashback in the kitchen or the lighting strips on the ceiling.  The bedroom lighting is a real head-turner too: the light emanating from the numerous chrome bars on the back wall reflects the glow in a myriad of different ways, bathing the bed in a stylish, glittering shower of light. When the sliding door between the kitchen and bathroom is closed, a contact switch illuminates the acrylic glass panel with a floral light graphic, creating effective wall lighting instead of simply partitioning the two rooms. At the front of the vehicle, the lift-up bed lighting is also included in the ambient lighting system. Even tiny details such as the illuminated climb-in handle are integrated into the lighting concept.

The new Integra uses furniture architecture that has been developed exclusively for this new top-of-the-range model. The developers had set themselves the goal of creating a stylish, feel-good atmosphere with high-quality materials and a first-class finish, as well as through a generous feeling of space. Glossy wall units with high-grade wood appearances and broad chrome inlays testify even at first glance to the Integra’s premium-class aspirations. A lavish abundance of chrome elements can also be found in the base units, the bed panels on the back wall and in a host of other details. The otherwise matt surfaces of the furniture, as well as the work surfaces, furniture side panels and wall elements which are designed in light cream shades, stand in visually appealing contrast.

In the living area, a luxurious lengthways sofa with sumptuous cushions instead of classic back upholstery dominates the Integra’s lounge character. For a harmonious transition to the driver’s cab, the shelves run under the wall units into elegantly designed moulded pieces on the lift-up bed’s storage cabinets. In the driver’s cab itself, the comfortable seat offers luxurious travelling comfort with its optional heated seating, lordosis support and electric height adjustment functions. A heatable windscreen, double glazing in the side windows and a sound system are amongst the other upgrade options, while central locking and bus mirror with electrical adjustment and wide viewing angle field are already included in the standard features.

The washroom is influenced by the lighting provided by the back-lit shower column which, like the bathroom door, provides a relaxing ambience with its floral motif. The feel-good ambience is also a central element of the design in the sleeping area. The sophisticated back wall panel with indirectly illuminated chrome elements and, towards the centre of the vehicle, concave-shaped wall units, extend up to the ceiling to form flat, illuminated canopies which continue up to the connecting door. Depending on the floor plan chosen, the bedrooms offer either two large single beds up to 2 metres in length, or one generous central bed for first-class sleeping comfort on massage mattresses. Under the beds, storage areas up to 1.24 m in height provide an abundance of storage space. On three-axle models, there are also two tall wardrobes installed into the rear.

The engineers have attached particularly great importance to the high-quality and modern design of the chassis elements at the front and rear, which are the hallmarks of this vehicle class. Dynamic edges and stylish shadow joints combine with shiny chrome elements in black contrasting surfaces to define the optical lines, while the components crafted using precision, three-dimensional RIM technology such as the radiator grille, light brackets bear witness to the truly professional production technology used in the Integra.

The heated double floor which spans the entire vehicle – a feature typical for Eura Mobil – conceals all of the technical installations in the vehicle’s frost-protected cellar and offers further storage facilities that are accessible from the interior. A central technology compartment allows access to the water outlet tap and central electrical distributor from the outside. On request, the waste water tank draining function with monitor control and camera guidance can be actuated at the press of a button from the driver’s seat.

With the new 760 EB and 760 QB layouts, the new Integra series now comprises six layouts from 7.15m to 8.99m in length. The two new layouts are priced close to the I 700 EB and I 700 HB, which are only available as two-axle models: The basic price for the golden middle of the Integra series is € 100.990.