Profila T

Open, generous, free

Feel free!Profila T Low-Profile

Open, spacious, free – just the way you want to feel on holiday, that’s just how the interior of the Profila T is designed. The large panoramic window brings the wonders of the sky to you and invites you to dream and relax. The fluid transition between the kitchen, bedroom and living space give you the impression of unending space. And the seating area for up to six people means you can spend hours relaxing and enjoying great company.
Three floor plans (696 EB, 726 EF, 726 QF) from our Profila T are now available on Mercedes-Benz chassis and AL-KO frame – relaxing travel comfort with innovative safety and assistance systems. Thanks to the high-quality and generous fittings, you may even sometimes forget that you’re staying in a motor home when you feel so completely at home yet are surrounded by so much freedom.


  • 3 floor plans on Mercedes-Benz chassis and with AL-KO frame
  • Winterproof, heated double floor
  • Large storage space thanks to garage lowering
  • Insulated and heated water tanks
  • Electr. waste water tank drainage
  • Isofix (depending on floor plan)
Wall units
Single seats with Isofix mounts
Table with foldable top
Spice rack
Kitchen block with plenty of workspace

Floor plans

PT 720 EB

Length: 7,41 mSleeping areas: 2

PT 695 EB

Length: 6,99 mSleeping areas: 2

PT 675 SB

Length: 6,99 mSleeping areas: 2

PT 720 QF

Length: 7,58 mSleeping areas: 2

PT 720 EF

Length: 7,41 mSleeping areas: 2

PT 660 EB

Length: 6,99 mSleeping areas: 2

PT 730 EF

Length: 7,58 mSleeping areas: 2

PT 696 EB

Length: 7,12 mSleeping areas: 2

PT 726 EF

Length: 7,44 mSleeping areas: 2

PT 726 QF

Length: 7,61 mSleeping areas: 2

Standard Equipment


140 HP engine, Euro 6d-Final (for FIAT floor plans)
150 HP engine, Euro 6E (for Mercedes-Benz floor plans)
CCS wide track low-slung frame (1,980 mm gauge) (for FIAT floor plans)
ALKO low-slung frame chassis (for Mercedes-Benz floor plans)
Manual air conditioning (for FIAT floor plans)
Frame extension (for FIAT floor plans)
Driver / passenger airbag
Fix & Go breakdown kit (for FIAT floor plans)
Daytime running light
16" wheels (for FIAT floor plans)
ESP including Traction+ and hill descent control (for FIAT floor plans)
ASR, EBD and ESP (for Mercedes-Benz floor plans)

Driver's Cab

GRP hood, insulated, with large storage compartments
Stylish fenders, wide designs
Driver’s cab seat in structured upholstered fabric


Lightweight construction double floor throughout, insulated and heated
Aluminium profile without cold bridges for floor-wall joint
Floor hatches with folding handle
Lightweight construction floor plate with aluminium inlay
Wood-free GRP walls
GRP double floor
Roof edge profile made from powder-coated aluminium with joint sealing
Mini Heki skylight roof hood over front section
Sturdy chassis side skirts made from powder-coated aluminium
Roof, wall, flooring made from GRP, fully insulated
Wall thickness of walls/roof/floor: 30/30/38 mm
Isofix, 2 x in the direction of travel (only EF / QF models)
Isofix, 1 x in the direction of travel (675 SB, 676 EB, 695 EB, 696 EB, 720 EB)
Integrated double access step, insulated (for FIAT floor plans)
Electric access step (for Mercedes-Benz floor plans)
Trumatic Combi 4 heating, Combi 6 (higher than 720 EB)
Alde hot water heating (only 676 EB, 696 EB, 720 EF, 720 QF, 726 EF, 726 QF and 730 EF)
Seitz framed window with mesh screen flush with the external wall
Service flaps with double seal, insulated inlay and rotary-knob locks
Single key for entire superstructure
Noise insulation for wall unit doors
Large LED tail lights in the Integra design
Compartment shelves in the upper floor with access from the interior
External lighting
Extra-wide access door with window and waste bin
Lightweight upper floor
Double-moulded GRP sandwich roof
Garage lowering system with insulated well

Living Space

“Chalet” interior
“Navarra” interior optional (for FIAT floor plans)
Upholstered fabric: Como or Dara
Generous sofa with longitudinal seat on the passenger side
Table with 360° turning and sliding fixture
Two-tone furniture décor
Wall units with aluminium profile reinforcement
Wall unit doors with pressurised spring closures and colour-accentuated textile appliqués
Living space with decorative elements and leather-look wall pockets
7-zone cold foam mattresses
Background lighting
PVC floor covering with footstep sound insulation
Anti-slip coating in the garage
Mini Heki skylight over rear bed


Longitudinal kitchen with wide pull-outs (660 EB, 676 EB)
Flow-Line design kitchen with ergonomically shaped worktop (not for 660 EB, 676 EB)
Flowing transition from the kitchen front to the sofa on models with corner kitchen
140 l to 142 l refrigerator (depending on floor plan)
3-ring hob with electric ignition, glass cover and large work surface
Pull-outs with self-closing mechanism and soft stop, metal roller runners
Divided deep wall units with slide guards
Colour-accentuated wall units
Extra-wide drawers
Water tap with turning non-drip outlet


Centre washroom w. integr. Shower room (676 EB, 696 EB)
Rear washroom with integrated shower cubicle (675 SB)
Rear washroom with separate shower (730 EF)
Separate shower (720, 730, 726)
Bathroom with separate shower (PT 720 EB/EF/QF, 726 EF, QF)
Shower wall in slate look, with wall heating and reed inlay (PT 720 EB/EF)
Storage closet and mirror
Large roller-mounted tank for cassette WC
230 V power socket
Bench toilet with folding wooden bench (depending on floor plan)

Water Installation

Fresh water system made from Hartflex plastic
Fixed pipe system for waste water
138 - 140 l (depending on floor plan) insulated and heated fresh water tank in the double floor (Water capacity in drive position 25 l)
2 drainage valves for fresh water system
100 l waste water tank in insulated and heated floor trough
Electrically operated waste water tank emptying at the push of a button
Fittings with ceramic cartridges
Siphons to prevent odours
Pressurised water pump

Electrical Installation

Electrical distributor panel easily accessible under the passenger seat (730 EB under rear bed) (for FIAT floor plans)
80 Ah gel battery
On-board control panel with separate displays for water, battery and charging voltage
LED reading spotlights
Light switch system with household logic system
Ceiling lights with double function light and/or LED ambience
Number of 230 V power sockets: 3
Number of 12 V power sockets: 1
Number of USB ports: 3
17 A charger

Configure your motorhome

Choose one of our models and modify it to your individual preferences.


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