We can prove what we guarantee Warranty

10 years leak guarantee

We really aren’t over-reaching when we promise you surprisingly worry-free, relaxed holidays in our motor homes. To help us do this, we have been using corrosion-resistant superstructures made from glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP), with wood-free walls for many years. Initially scorned due to the higher amount of work required in production, Eura Mobil has now long since been regarded as an icon of modern chassis technology in the mobile home construction industry. This is a technology that has proven its ability to reliably defy every conceivable environmental influence, but also prevent the chassis from looking tired. For our customers, this means: excellent reliability, simple care and lower third-party, fire and theft insurance premiums. But most importantly, the consistent use of bonding technology means more time for care-free enjoyment of your holiday.

This guarantee involves no additional charge and also safeguards the owner for a total of 150,000 km, thus exceeding the average annual travelling distance of 13,000 km. A prerequisite for granting the guarantee is the annual sealing inspection usual in the sector which is conducted by the Eura Mobil service partner.

3 years furniture construction guarantee

For the complex tasks that the interiors of our motor homes face, Eura Mobil develops high-quality furniture architectures on modern CAD workstations to ensure maximum precision and design reliability. The result is quality you can see and feel, created by Eura Mobil’s carpentry division using both automated, CNC-controlled milling and time-served manual craftsmanship from our experienced carpenters. Precise and robust components are produced and these are used in combination with high-quality supplied components to create our stable, quiet and beautiful furniture. And it is precisely our furniture makers’ passion for detail that creates the many practical advantages that you will soon learn to love yourself.