Integra Line 720 QF: An Impressive Feeling of Space

Integra Line 720 QF: An Impressive Feeling of Space

Elegantly curved kitchen with extendable work surface ● face-to-face sofas with integrated three-point safety belts ● new comfort features ● elegant interior ● 10-year leak guarantee

The new Integra Line 720 QF offers travellers an amazing feeling of space and a variety of possible uses. This is due to a broadly curved kitchen with plenty of freedom of movement and a living space with two longitudinal face-to-face sofas. Climb aboard and feel straightaway the impressive effect of the open space which, thanks to the ergonomic design of the kitchen front, also proves its worth in everyday travel. The kitchen is also variable in usage: if required, the tap and fittings disappear under a cover plate, which, when opened, can serve as an additional work surface. With an astonishing total width of 120cm, the kitchen will certainly surprise you. High-quality materials, such as the mineral worktop or the striking ambient lighting and the detailed upholstery, support Eura Mobil’s premium-class aspirations.

Three-point safety belts are anchored in the face-to-face sofas, which can be folded out in the direction of travel for two passengers. Once parked, however, the folding table top enables a living space that is as generous as it is variably usable.

The bathroom – separated by a sliding door – with its separate, strikingly illuminated rain shower is located behind the kitchen and followed by a 150cm wide central bed. Using a hydraulic system, the garage height under the bed can be varied to a maximum height of 115cm.

As new comfort features in this series, an electrically operated drainage valve for the waste water tank and Alde hot water heating are included as standard equipment. In addition, the waste water tank is now placed in an insulated and heated floor pan, which optimises the winter characteristics. Another new comfort element in the series is the electric control device for the lift-up bed (optional). New, flush-fitted frame windows with insulation complete the upgrading of the Integra Line models.

The elegant luxury components in the interior are eye-catching: high-quality inlays in chrome-look further enhance the wall unit flaps which are available in either the natural “Chalet” style or in an elegant high-gloss, noble-wood look. In conjunction with the textile wall coverings, the veneered upholstery on the seat boxes and the driver’s cab seats with a premium finish define the luxuriously sophisticated feeling of space.

As confirmed by the ten-year guarantee for leak-proof construction and three-year guarantee for furniture construction, Eura Mobil is also committed to the premium concept when it comes to reliability and durability. A modern construction, made of glued GRP composite material with wood-free walls and a robust furniture construction with aluminium profile reinforcements, is the backbone for this. The heated double floor, typical of the brand, offers excellent possibilities for camping in winter.

Prices for the series’ new top model start at €77,500.