Low-Profile Motorhomes

Contura, Profila T & Profila RS

Profila RS - Teilintegrierte Wohnmobile von Eura Mobil



Partly built with more compact dimensions, partly built with the impressive technologies of the larger models: low-profile motor homes from Eura Mobil offer the ultimate in comfort with manageable dimensions. On the PROFILA RS, for example, there is a large, comfortable lift-up bed hidden directly in the ceiling, offering a relaxed and restful night’s sleep for two people. The insulated and heated double floor throughout with this lightweight construction means that high-tech materials are also used in this class. The streamlined silhouettes of these attractive mobile homes reveal the owner’s aspirations even as they drive past: With the PROFILA T and PROFILA RS models, regardless of the floor layout and feature options selected, the cry is always: Enjoy the freedom!

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Our low-profile series

Contura Wohnmobil Baureihe von Eura Mobil


With the new Contura, we are opening the luxury class of our low-profile motorhomes. With an automotive design, distinctive light edges, flat connection between cab and fiberglass construction, you can imagine the high standards of our design engineers.

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Profila T Wohnmobil Baureihe von Eura Mobil


Open, generous, free - the interior of the Profila T is designed just as you would like to feel on vacation. The large panoramic window brings the sky near to you and invites you to dream and relax.

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Profila RS Wohnmobil Baureihe von Eura Mobil


There are many low-profile motorhomes with lift-up bed. However, the concept of the Profila RS takes the desire for more storage space and the compact design into account.

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