The new Contura on Mercedes Sprinter: welcome to the starry side of life!

The new Contura on Mercedes Sprinter: welcome to the starry side of life!

Mercedes Sprinter as the new basic vehicle for the luxury-class coach-built Contura ● Exclusive exterior design ● Particularly open and generous access to the driver’s cab ● Starlight Dome panoramic glass roof with smart-lift and soft-close functionality ● Extensive safety and driver assistance equipment ● A focus on elegance and comfort in the interior

Eura Mobil is now also demonstrating its ambitions for the mobile luxury class in the combination of the Contura series, newly introduced for the 2020 season, with the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. By combining the front-wheel drive variant with the AL-KO low-slung frame chassis, the Sprendlingen-based manufacturer has opted for a chassis constellation with optimum weight balance and particularly precise and comfortable handling.

The Mercedes Contura already embodies its claim of exclusivity with its exterior design. This is particularly evident in its form, with pronounced fictitious edges and the flat connection between the driver’s cab and the modern GRP superstructure. With the optional obsidian black paint finish and carbon-look exterior graphics on the modern GRP superstructure, the Mercedes Contura steals the show, even when up against numerous premium coachbuilt vehicles. The Mercedes Contura also benefits from multiple optional driver assistance systems such as traffic sign recognition, Distronic adaptive cruise control, active line keeping assist and high-beam assist. The voice-controlled MBUX multimedia system emphasises the comfort-oriented equipment of the basic vehicle. Eura Mobil sets its own mark in long-distance comfort not only in the superstructure, but also in the driver’s cab by means of pilot seats with seat heating, lordosis support and electric height adjustment. With attractive equipment packages that can be combined in the “Luminary Edition”, there are many possibilities for further comfort options.

The Sprendlingen-based manufacturer also offers a standard solution when it comes to the passageway from the driver’s cab to the superstructure. The covers for the roof cut-out nestle particularly precisely to the cab geometry, creating an exceptionally wide and comfortable passageway with plenty of headroom. With its spectacular view of the starry sky, the two-part Starlight Dome panoramic glass roof, used exclusively by Eura Mobil, further enhances this feeling of freedom. This is accompanied by tangible functional advantages: thanks to its smart-lift and soft-close function, the lift-tilt roof can be lifted and lowered with two fingers without using a crank handle and incidentally offers a 20% larger roof cut-out than conventional lift-tilt roofs – for even more light and air in the vehicle body.
Wall units that extend seamlessly from the superstructure to the driver’s cab complete the visual unity of chassis and superstructure.

In the living room, travellers benefit from the furniture architecture of the Contura models, which has been developed exclusively for the luxury class. A real feel-good atmosphere thanks to high-quality materials and first-class workmanship create the basis for travelling in style. Glossy wall units with high-grade wood appearances and broad chrome inlays testify even at first glance to the Contura’s premium-class aspirations. A lavish abundance of chrome elements can also be found in the base units, the bed panels on the back wall and in a host of other details. The otherwise matt surfaces of the furniture, as well as the work surfaces, furniture side panels and wall elements which are designed in light cream shades, stand in visually appealing contrast.

The living room is dominated, depending on the floor plan, by two luxurious longitudinal sofas or a classic L-shaped seating group with fluffy cushions instead of the classic back upholstery and add to the Contura’s lounge character. In the kitchen, passengers will be delighted by an ergonomically curved kitchen block with a large refrigerator and swivelling spring-arm tap. The glass display cabinet in the wall unit is a stylish and practical detail.
The washroom is influenced by the lighting provided by the back-lit shower column which, like the bathroom door, is embellished with a floral motif. The feel-good ambience is also a central element of the design in the sleeping area. The sophisticated back wall panel with indirectly illuminated chrome elements and, towards the centre of the vehicle, concave-shaped wall units, extend up to the ceiling to form flat, illuminated canopies, which continue up to the connecting door. Depending on the floor plan chosen, the bedrooms offer either two large single beds up to 2 m in length (Contura 716 EB, 766 EB, 766 EF), or one generous central bed for first-class sleeping comfort (Contura 766 QB). Under the beds, storage areas up to 1.24 m in height provide an abundance of storage space.

A typical feature for Eura Mobil is the heated double floor. On the Contura, it is tempered by an Alde hot water heating system and conceals all of the technical installations in the vehicle’s frost-protected cellar and offers further storage facilities that are accessible from the interior. A central technology compartment allows access to the water outlet tap and central electrical distributor from the outside. The waste water tank draining function with monitor control and camera guidance can be actuated at the press of a button from the driver’s seat: an optional feature that optimises user comfort. A new feature of Eura Mobil’s double floor concept is the additional, lowered floor and side storage compartments that are 30 cm tall.

The top-class approach is also demonstrated by the ten-year guarantee against leaks in the superstructure and the three-year guarantee for the furniture construction. A modern construction, made of glued GRP composite material with wood-free walls and a robust furniture construction with aluminium profile reinforcements is the backbone for this.