Visible upgrading of the semi-integrated model

Visible upgrading of the semi-integrated model

Profila T and Profila RS upgraded ● New comfort features ● Attractive Mondial edition ● 10-year leak guarantee

The semi-integrated Profila T and Profila RS (with lift-up bed) will be significantly upgraded for the 2019 season. The rear adopts the L-shaped LED luminaire design of the new Integra Line. As a new comfort feature, an electrically operated drainage valve for the waste water tank is included as standard equipment. For the 720 EB and 720 QB floor plans, an Alde hot water heating system is now available, just like for the 730 EB. In addition, the waste water tank now rests in an insulated and heated floor trough, which further optimises the winter characteristics. The bed width of the central bed layouts has also been increased to 1.50 m. New, flush-fitted frame windows with external walls and insulation complete the upgrading of the semi-integrated models.

Also, Eura Mobil is also offering the Mondial Edition in the new model year, giving customers a price saving of up to € 8,500 compared to the sum of the individual components. For € 2,690, an extensive package of features makes the semi-integrated models a particularly attractive all-inclusive offer: The Mondial Edition includes a moniceiver with rear-view camera, cruise control, air conditioning, height-adjustable pilot seats with lumbar support, superstructure doors with central locking, height-adjustable central bed (depending on layout), 16-inch aluminium rims and much more.

Its very own “all-round worry-free package” is the ten-year guarantee on the superstructure’s leak protection and the three-year furniture guarantee. This premium promise results from a modern construction made of glued GRP composite material with wood-free walls and a robust furniture construction with aluminium profile reinforcements.

As in all Eura Mobil motor homes, the semi-integrated models also have a heated double floor with additional storage compartments in the floor, ensuring the best winter characteristics.

With regard to the upgrading of the equipment, the price structure will not change much in the new season: with a basic price of € 59,990,  the price adjustment will be kept within narrow bounds.