No Economy Class. But Aviation Technology. Eura Mobil Sealed Structure

Entirely in line with the principle of “less is more”, Eura Mobil rejects old technologies in the production of its high-quality motor homes in favour of delivering a completely new travel experience. The “Eura Mobil Sealed Structure” concept combines the advantages of high chassis stability with superlative long-term quality and an attractive design. With modern bonding methods borrowed from the world of aviation technology, the result is a fully sealed superstructure without any screw connections through the outer walls. The floorwall connections are secured from inside with screws and then fully bonded across their entire surface. The industrial adhesives used have excellent stability and suffer no losses of flexibility or resilience. The wood-free walls are insulated throughout and therefore offer the best properties for winter. For the best feel-good experience at any time of year.

All-round body sealing

The Eura-Mobil seal of quality for all-round protection of the body is achieved by a fully joined and watertight sealed body with wall and floor panels made from rust-proof materials. Adhesive joints make bolting through the outer walls totally unnecessary, minimising the risk of leakage. The all wood-free construction of the walls ensures efficient insulation and protection throughout.

Stability through quality

One of the strong points of Eura Mobil‘s vehicle development lies in the construction of an exceptionally stable and wind-resistant body. The fibreglass-reinforced structures and the body frame in lightweight aluminium contribute significantly to this stability. The aluminium profiles of the floor panels fit invisibly into the frame to complete the fully wind-resistant bodywork.

  • Wood-free GRP walls
  • Floor plate with lightweight,
    stable XPS insulation
  • Aluminium continuous casting proile
  • Hardened polyurethane foam