Truly Worthy of a Round of Applause Wellness Area

When smart technology solutions work unnoticed and continuously in the background, the way they do in your Eura Mobil, you need do nothing more than enjoy the pure feeling of well-being. The many carefully thought-out details around the washroom and shower ensure the ideal wellness experience on the road: the 150-litre fresh water tank ensures a supply of water pumped by the powerful and quiet water pressure pump that delivers a water pressure just like at home. The water pipes run in the double floor, thereby taking up no space in the interior. Wastewater is captured via an odour-trapping pipe system with siphon and transferred to a wastewater tank. This is how clever ideas and high quality contribute towards your feeling of wellness every day.

  • Wellness oasis Integra
  • Shower with backlight
  • Swivel washbasin
  • Rear washroom
  • Lengthways washroom
  • Bathroom
  • Washroom and separate shower


  • Integrated or separate shower cubicles for maximum comfort with optimum use of space
  • Single-lever fŸittings for easy adjustment of your favourite water temperature
  • Fittings with ceramic cartridges for easy use, even with very hard water
  • Large storage cabinets and mirrors ensuring that you don’t have to be without anything, even in a mobile bathroom
  • 230 Volt socket for hair dryer, razor, and so on

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