Rise and Shine with the Sun Sleeping Comfort

The comfortable beds and mattresses in your Eura Mobil are the product of our careful development work and your personal choice. Depending on the model series, floor layout and features, you can determine the location and number of sleeping areas to suit your preferences. All of the options available are extremely relaxing, so that you can wake up every day deeply relaxed and with a satisfied smile on your face.

  • Personal sleeping comfort and large garage (EB)
  • Central bed, comfort access from two sides (QB)
  • Comfort bed for compact vehicle lengths (SB)
  • Bed with garage for compact superstructure (HB)
  • Variable children’s room (VB)
  • The comfort bedrooms (low single beds / EB)



  • 7-zone cold foam mattresses mould perfectly to the sleeper’s body
  • Stable bed bases some of them with underneath ventilation for an even better sleeping climate
  • LED reading lights for reading before bed or during the darker seasons
  • Practical storage areas near the bed for bits and bobs, drinks, reading material and more
  • Optional additional beds for other travellers, depending on the model series and floor plan
  • Mechanical or electrical lift-up beds for even more storage space, depending on the model series and floor plan
  • Mini skylights over the beds for a dream-like view of the stars